About aegis Engineering inc. 

Our sole office location is Missoula, Montana. By operating from a single source, we offer structural design services in MIssoula for a wide assortment of projects including.  residential remodel and new construction, multi-family, schools, government facilities, bridges, and clean room facilities.  At Aegis Engineering Inc. we specialize in structural evaluations of structural support systems including structural seismic evaluations.  We can offer a streamlined structural consulting service by consolidating our economic design, quality and schedule control. We are extremely well versed in the art of long distance communication and strive to interface with other members of the design team including owners, architects and other consultants.​

During design, this is achieved by technical excellence resulting from continuing education, self-study and collaboration within the work place. In document production, quality is assured through maximum utilization of cutting-edge CAD practices and software. By synthesizing these distinct aspects of production, we produce a cohesive, concise and accurate tool integral to the successful realization of our clients concepts.  Aegis engineering incorporated in Missoula is happy to take care of your commercial design and residential design needs.

Always striving to meet the design needs of our clients


  • Aegis Engineering Incorporated is a structural engineering firm founded on the concept of providing exceptional service during design and construction.
  • Discipline is paramount to balancing the three key aspects of delivering projects; schedule, quality and costs. Aegis maintains this discipline through rigorous quality control of both designs and documents.

About aegis engineering inc.

Structural Design Services in Missoula